Our Operation

Our coffee begins with a relationship. We believe when we take good care of our growers, we are taking good care of our coffee.

Strategically based in Bandung, the heart of West Java, we are able to locate, access, assess and collaborate with many coffee farmers, small and large estates and cooperatives in West Java. PT Panen Indo Pratama ensures the region’s best growers are selected to join PIP’s coffee network. This collaboration not only enable us to aid them in agronomical and financial areas, but also in keeping them well-informed of coffee market situations and most importantly help these members to keep improving in order to sell more and sell BETTER.

We work closely with members of our coffee network in ensuring a steady supply of quality coffee, traceability, conducting regular checks at farm level as well as wet-and-dry processing mills and applying PIP’s 3-Point Cupping. 3-Point Cupping means frequent cup test by our CQI certified Q-graders, conducted at these 3 points:

  • origin; right after coffee cherries are processed to green bean
  • during storage at warehouse
  • before shipment to our clients.

3-point cupping is to ensure that the quality of the coffee remain consistent at the different stages before the coffee reaches our clients.

To preserve the quality of our coffee, we only work with logistic companies who excel in coffee handling and shipping. We also offer our clients the option of using Grainpro SGB IV-R packaging.